Home Boarding


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    Terms & Conditions

    • A complimentary 1st visit will be conducted to get to know your pets and their daily routine/habits. Please get ready a set of spare keys for collection during this time.
    • There is a surcharge of $10 for public holidays.
    • We collect a deposit of half the total amount upon check-in and the balance upon check-out.
    • Daily exercise and walks are provided at no extra charge. A complimentary bath is given (for dogs only) for minimum 3 days of stay.
    • Please bring enough food to last the entire stay.
    • We will conduct a physical check on dogs upon checking in. If your dog is found with ticks, an additional charge will be added for deticking.
    • All cats are kept in our room, separated from the dogs. We will only accept multiple cats from the same family. However, as our space is limited, we can at most take in 2 cats from the same household.
    • If your pet should fall sick during its stay, we will bring it to the nearest vet for treatment if your regular vet is not available. All pet taxi and vet charges will be billed at the end of your pet’s stay.
    • For the safety of other pets and ourselves, the cleanliness of our environment, as well as the peace of our neighbourhood, we do not accept aggressive pets, dogs who bark or mark excessively, dogs with prolonged separation anxiety issues or pets with parasites/contagious diseases.
    • Please highlight any issues you have before the final payment. You are deemed satisfied with our services when balance payment is made upon check-out. We will not entertain any claim made against us after that.
    • While every care will be taken to ensure that the welfare of your pets are met, we shall not be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstances (eg aged pets passing on, fire, flood, theft, etc) leading to the loss, injury, sickness or demise of your pet.

    Home Staycation

    We provide home staycation with our family in a loving, clean, secured and cageless environment. Your pets will be looked after like our very own and receive quality care of the highest standard. Whenever you need temporary care for your pets, you can count on us to be there for them. Be it a staycation/holiday/business trip you are taking, an outing/important event you have to attend, or family issues/emergencies which take first priority, we are just a phone call away.

    Dog’s Staycation Daily Rates

    Small Breed eg Maltese, Shih Tzu $50
    Medium Breed eg Beagle, Corgi $60
    Large Breed eg Labrador, Golden Retriever $70

    We can only take up to 3 dogs at a time. 2nd dogs and 3rd dogs from the same household will receive $10 off the published rate. For example if you have 2 small dogs, the daily rate will be $50 + $40 total $90. For 3 small dogs, the daily rate will be $50 + $40 + $40 total $130.

    Cat’s Staycation Daily Rate is $30