Elixir Conditioner with Snail Slime 150ml


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    Fortifying and restructuring conditioner based on enzymatic snail slime for dogs and cats with a very high moisturising action. Gives natural shine and vitality to the coat. Elixir Conditioner used after shampooing and with damp coat also helps to neutralise unpleasant odours and is indispensable in decongesting inflamed skin both after stripping and in the presence of skin problems of various kinds.

    Elixir Conditioner for dogs and cats quickly restructures coats of all breeds. It guarantees results on the most fragile, debilitated and poorly groomed coat. With its sebum-regulating characteristic, it repairs damage caused by chemical and environmental agents and excess sebum. After each use, the hair is soft, shiny and easy to comb. Extremely useful in combating the problem of stallion tails in cats. Effectively combats unpleasant odours.

    How to use: Use on washed and damp coat. Dilute one part of the product with 10 parts water to create a gentle emulsion. Distribute the conditioner over the whole coat, massage, leave to act for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly and proceed with drying.

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