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Pets Grooming


Islandwide professional pets grooming services by groomers with 12 years of grooming experience. We travel to your place to groom your pets at the comfort of your own home. We provide grooming services for dogs, cats and rabbits. You can opt for:

  • Just a bath & drying
  • Basic grooming
  • Full grooming, or
  • Itemized services such as nail trimming, deshedding and deticking

Basic grooming consists of:

  • Clipping of fur underneath the pads of the feet and sanitary area
  • Trimming of nails
  • Cleaning of ears (including removal of excess inner ear fur if any)
  • Expression of anal gland (Upon request and for dogs only)
  • Bathing and blow drying. (We recommend dry bath for your rabbit unless it is accustomed to wet bath)
  • Brushing and combing of fur

Full grooming includes all of basic grooming plus complete styling and trimming of fur.

Our Rates
Dog Grooming Rates (Additional transport fee of $30 applies)
Dog Size Basic Full Bathe & Blow Dry
Small From $50 From $90 From $20
Medium From $70 From $100 From $40
Large From $90 From $120 From $60


Cat Grooming Rates Basic Full
Short Coat From $60 From $90
Long Coat From $100 From $130


Rabbit Grooming Rates
Basic with Dry Bath Full with Dry Bath
From $40 From $50

Package Grooming: Sign up for 5 sessions of grooming at 10% discount.

Itemized Services
- Nail trimming From $10
- Ear cleaning From $10
- Shaving of sanitary area From $10
- Paw pad shaving From $20
- Deshedding & Deticking From $30

Any 2 itemized services & above $5 off
Terms & Conditions
  • Prices indicated here are starting prices excluding transport fee. The actual price is dependent on your location, pet’s breed, size and coat condition. If your pet is a baby, the grooming rate will be based on its current size and adjusted with its growth. Extra charges may apply for cases of severe behavioural issues.
  • There is an additional surcharge of $10 for travelling to Sentosa Cove.
  • Grooming appointments on public holidays are subject to availability and comes with a holiday surcharge of $10.
  • Kindly note that our last grooming appointment is 6.30pm. Emergency or evening grooming after 6.30pm is subject to availability for an additional $20 on top of the usual grooming rate.
  • All rates stated are for normal grooming only and does not include deticking or dematting. We are only able to remove minor infestations and tangles. For excessive matting, we would recommend a complete shave to allow the fur a start-over. We do not do excessive dematting as it is a painful and stressful process for the dog. If your dog is heavily infested with ticks, it will incur additional deticking fee. Please check with us for the rates.
  • We will have to use a muzzle if your pets are aggressive. We do not use tranquilizers! For dogs or cats that are beyond our control, we will not be able to carry out the grooming and a transport fee of $20 will be imposed.
  • Any correction must be highlighted before we leave your premises, otherwise a fresh grooming charge applies should you require a return trip.
  • We reserve the right to revise our prices without prior notice.


Pet-sitting/Home Boarding

  1. We provide pet-sitting at your place, or premium home boarding with our family in a loving, clean, secured and cageless environment. Your pets will be looked after like our very own and receive quality care of the highest standard. Whenever you need temporary care for your pets, you can count on us to be there for them. Be it a staycation/holiday/business trip you are taking, an outing/important event you have to attend, or family issues/emergencies which take first priority, we are just a phone call away.


Pet-sitting Rates

Leave your pet at the comfort of your own home and we will travel there to take care of its needs. Each visit is at a block of one hour and includes feeding, cleaning of pet’s toilet area, walking, and playtime. As an added service, we will gladly help you to water the plants and collect the mails from the letterbox.

  • 1 visit per day : from $40
  • 2 visits per day : from $70
  • Overnight only (9pm to 8am) $80.
  • There will be an additional charge of $10 for travelling to Sentosa Cove.
  • A $10 surcharge applies on weekends and $20 on public holidays except for the eve, 1st and 2nd day of Chinese New Year, 50% surcharge will be imposed.

Hourly pet-sitting rate is at $40 for the first hour and $5 for every subsequent 15 minutes.

Terms & Conditions for Pet-sitting
  • A complimentary 1st visit will be conducted to get to know your pets and their daily routine/habits. Please get ready a set of spare keys for collection during this time.
  • Our motto is to serve man’s best friends with passion, dedication and integrity. While every care will be taken to ensure the welfare of your pet is met, we shall not be held liable for any unforeseen circumstances (eg aged pets passing on, fire, flood, theft, etc) leading to the loss, injury, sickness or demise of your pet.
  • We must be notified within 24 hours after the completion of an assignment should there be any concern/feedback.
  • Clients’ personal information will be securely held and never passed on to third parties.
  • We reserve the right to deny or terminate service for any reason (such as safety concerns, financial concerns or inappropriate/uncomfortable situations). Any abuse or threat will not be tolerated and result in instant termination without a refund plus a report being made to the police.
  • For regular/daily pet-sitting, payment can be made at the end of every week. For adhoc pet-sitting, we collect 50% deposit before commencement and the balance 50% at the end of the assignment.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time without prior notice. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure they are familiar with the latest terms and conditions in force and posted on this website.


Home Boarding Rates
Dog($) Cat($) Other Pets
Small 40 30
Hamster $5/day
Chinchilla/Guinea Pig $10/day
Medium  50
Large 60
Terms & Conditions for Home Boarding
    • We offer 20% discount for one month of stay and above.
    • There is a surcharge of $10 for public holidays.
    • We collect a deposit of half the total amount upon check-in and the balance upon check-out.
    • Daily exercise and walks are provided at no extra charge. A complimentary bath is given (for dogs only) for minimum 3 days of stay.
    • Please bring enough food to last the entire stay.
    • We will conduct a physical check on dogs upon checking in. If your dog is found with ticks, an additional charge will be added for deticking.
    • All cats are kept in our room, separated from the dogs. We will only accept multiple cats from the same family. However, as our space is limited, we can at most take in 2 cats from the same household.
    • If your pet should fall sick during its stay, we will bring it to the nearest vet for treatment if your regular vet is not available. All pet taxi and vet charges will be billed at the end of your pet’s stay.
    • For the safety of other pets and ourselves, the cleanliness of our environment, as well as the peace of our neighbourhood, we do not accept aggressive pets, dogs who bark or mark excessively, dogs with prolonged separation anxiety issues or pets with parasites/contagious diseases.
    • Please highlight any issues you have before the final payment. You are deemed satisfied with our services when balance payment is made upon check-out. We will not entertain any claim made against us after that.
    • While every care will be taken to ensure that the welfare of your pets are met, we shall not be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstances (eg aged pets passing on, fire, flood, theft, etc) leading to the loss, injury, sickness or demise of your pet.